Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bizzie Bizzie Bizzie

Hey everyone!!! I am sooooooooooo behind in catching up on everyone's blog entries. I have been such a bad blogger friend . . . please forgive me!! I want to catch everyone up on what I've been up to, so here it goes:

The wedding/dj thing was an absolute blast! I haven't seen the pictures yet, but everyone said they loved the music and had a ton of fun. Plus, the groom told me that techno reminds him of strip clubs . . . which was a truly entertaining conversation in itself. It was really neat to be a part of someone's future like that. I'm very glad I did it . . .

I've been trying to cram my head full of web page building knowledge as of late. I've been asked to put together some web pages for some clients (yes, I have clients!!) and I don't know much about the web . . . soooooo I've been dabbling in it. I got an extremely powerful web page builder (Adobe Dreamweaver) and have really had fun learning some html, css stuff, and flash videos. You can see my own personal dabbles at MY new web page -- www.joejoesdesigns.com! What's really cool is that I have my own email too . . . joejoe@joejoesdesigns.com . . . I know, not a big deal to some but pretty damn cool to me! It's still under construction - but the hope is to have samples of designs and images for clients. It's basically a digital portfolio if you will. No, I'm not moving my blog or anything crazy like that . . . just taking the next step in my design dream. As I told one of my friends at work, the worst that happens is that I make a few bucks in a hobby that I enjoy - and the best is that I live out a dream of being an artist/designer type person . . .

Speaking of work . . . it's been really hectic. I actually just finished working the weekend day shift (as most of you know, I usually work week day nights) so I'm a bit out of sorts . . . but I don't have to go to work until Friday so that will all even out . . .

I hope to get around and visit everyone's pages . . . in the next day or so -- so take care until then! Much love . . .

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm still here!

Hey everyone!! I'm still around and kickin' . . . just been a bit caught up in some stuff. I need to blog soooooooo bad . . . but am a bit behind.

So -- this is just a blog holder -- take care all!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Am I THAT guy??

Wow, I am just uber-yuppie today! Here I am, having a mint chocolate frappucino at starbucks(side note -- 2 die 4) working wirelessly on my laptop (finished and emailed a presentation to work) and coordinating a chat/gossip session on my phone with gal pal Gracie. The only thing better would be if I was actually dressed in all black and in Seattle. Did I mention I now have a canvas "messenger bag" (aka my murse)?

Damn, when did this happen?? When did I become so techie? My redneck card has just been revoked . . . and now I'm worried I might lose my accent! Ugh! The horror! I'm too fond of the word y'all and love everything deep fried -- I can't lose my roots now!

Sheesh . . . I have no idea what I'm gonna do about all this business. Who knew that I'd become so uppity in of all places Topeka-f'n-Kansas . . . hmmmmm . . .

Well - not much going on today. I did get a free day off (hence the blog from Starbucks) b/c yours truly has a presentation to give tomorrow morning to the regional VP that's coming in from HQ (it pays to work nights). ICK! I hate dress up and politics . . . but hey -- it pays the bills. Let's just hope I don't sleep thru the alarm -- that would be bad! ;)

Well -- I'm gonna get off of here before I suddenly decide to change my name to Thad, give up driving to save the environment, and vote for whomever the Green Party candidate is as a protest. (I shudder to even think of it). Take care all!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Invited to Join the "IN" Crowd

So, last weekend, after the week from . . . well . . . you know where . . . I was able to resume my rituals of taking Ragan to the Bark Park -- where we both get some exercise and some relaxing sun and fun.

As I do every weekend, we get in the car and head to Gage Park in Topeka, where the Bark Park is located. Everytime I go, there is this group of individuals that cluster and talk while their dogs run around.

Now, not being an overly social creature, I went off to a section of the park where I can throw the frisbee about and Ragan can run around. See -- he gets a bit possessive of his frisbee. He doesn't like to share it . . . at all. He'll pick it up and growl and bark while holding the frisbee and run from other dogs. Anyway - not the point tonight . . .

I usually focus on the pup, and the occasional dog runs up and I pet them. Or the occasional person says hello and I say hi back. But last weekend, the group was a bit infatuated with the running frisbee catching dog. (Yeah, he's talented. I'm not just making it up.) I get the "Wanna come join??"

Dang it! I have to be nice! I really didn't because I didn't know them (yes, I'm aware I have a social anxiety thing . . . it's why I'm at the park!) but I did. They were very pleasant and nice. Mentioned how pretty Ragan is, wanted to know how I taught him to catch a frisbee out of midair . . . this and that, small talk, jibber jabber.

Now, by this time I've noticed a particular owner with a Latin flavor that is SMOKIN hot! He has an Irish Setter named Chico . . . and I'm not sure if he was really shy, or gay. He did keep bending over tying his shoe and petting the small dogs right in front of me, and I can verify he was wearing Hanes boxer briefs . . . hmmmmm . . . I had on the JLo glasses, so the glances were very incognito.

Which brings me to my point . . . I don't know any of their names! I'm not sure they know each other's names. I know Chico's owner, Baby's owner, Spikey's owner, etc. etc. Weird huh?? I wonder if this is some form of secret code where if I'm liked enough, I get to learn their real names . . . :)

They were nice, and I do need to get out more and be social . . . so hey . . . it's a start!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Can you pass the Salt? My wound doesn't hurt . . .

Just a quick lil' add on to my post yesterday --

Thursday -- had to run 2 departments solo at work, oh yeah - there was a tornado . . . (not a joke!) We did get lucky in that our bldg and area was okay, but just a mile south of us there was some pretty big hail and damage . . . so maybe my luck is turning???

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Just Fired My Psychic

My weekly horoscope: You will be centered and at peace this week. Use this time to reflect and chart a new course in life. Reconnect with your true self.

Ever have one of those weeks . . . you know, one that makes you pine for the peacful and happier times of your unfortunate incarceration in an ultra maximum security prison for that silly little murder spree you went on . . . I'm in the middle of one right now!

I can't even embellish this story to make it better . . . it's already over the top -- Here's my week up to this point . . .

Monday --
While in the shower getting ready for my volunteer duties (shoot me now, b/c teaching 2 classes of third graders is NOT my idea of enjoyment) the gas company shuts my gas off. Oops! It was supposed to be the house 2 doors down (3212) and instead they did mine (3202). As I'm leaving for the day, I notice an orange tag on my door. Hmmm . . . so I think "Let me call them and inform them of their silly little mistake" . . . no big deal right? Gas company's response "we can have someone out there on Thursday . . . "

Now, as I've informed Thom (and others if you read my comments on his blog, link in the side bar) It takes a lot for me to hit bitch mode . . . this definitely got the engine warming up . . . After a rather tense but polite conversation, they will come turn my gas on Tuesday morning. No big deal since I've already showered and I can wait until Tues morning for my next shower.

The kids were well behaved, and the rest of the day was peaceful. No worries . . . . right?

Tuesday --
Gas man calls at 8:45am and informs me he can't come until noon, b/c he has a flat tire. WTF???? 3 hrs for a damn flat? I call the gas company to see if they could send another person out today since I'll can't wait until noon for the gas man due to volunteer (let's call it volun-told) activity. They say they can have someone out on Thursday . . . Wake me up before alarm + give me bad news + stupid excuse that doesn't make sense = FULL ON BITCH MODE!!!

After making several call center employees cry and contemplate suicide I finally get their manager on the phone. I explain to Sally Stupidbitch that unlike the customer who was supposed to have their gas shut off, I'm paying my bills . . . and therefore her salary. I then inform her that I'm not enthused about taking an ice cold shower (it was 37 degrees!) for 2 days. Finally, I informed her that if someone didn't appear by Wed morning (keep in mind it's 10 and I have to go do my voluntold activity now) that she would have one pissed off fag having a bad hair day in her lobby wanting blood and the sacrifice of everyone's first born child in the building to appease him. (You think that's a joke but it's a direct quote . . . they probably were recording my conversation at this point for training purposes, so I wanted to give 'em something to teach.) Gas man cometh Wednesday.

Head to voluntold activity and the brats were a bit rambunxious (sp?). Several times I had to tell the classes to listen, and the teachers in both classes had to help some of the problem kids share and work in their small groups.

Notice I haven't mentioned work yet . . .

Wednesday --
Gas man comes and is scared to even talk to me (love it when my reputation proceeds me). He was here exactly when I told them I wanted and the gas was turned back on. Things looking up, right?

The little hellians were out of control today. They barely kept their asses in the seats and several kids got into full blown yelling matches. Seven students recieved what are called "red cards" for poor behavior and 2 kids were put in time out at the principal's. I think someone slipped 'em something before I showed up. I got to the point several times where I just wanted to leave. So glad I'm voluntolding . . .

Get to work and have 2 meetings that were fairly productive. Things are rolling right along UNTIL I get a call from a supervisor in another department. True story --> 2 days ago she got bit by her cat. While the wound swelled up and appeared to be infected, she thought no big deal. Now, she has red streaks down her forearm to her elbow radiating from the wound, and she can't feel her arm. Her hand is throbbing in pain and so swollen she can't wear a watch. She goes to the hospital and guess who is now covering her department??

We also suddenly discover that the person in charge of ordering supplies for our department kinda of forgot to do it last weekend, and we're now out of stuff in my department. So, my dept. can't perform their jobs, and I have no clue what was supposed to be going on in the other dept. Then I get a call from this supervisor (she's okay so I can be mad about it now) saying she can't work the rest of the week, and I need to cover her dept per her boss. REALLY??? Smal problem -- who the F is gonna cover mine???

So, after handling the supply fiasco so something can happen for the rest of the week in my dept, figuring out what the hell happened in another dept and communicating that to the day shift, cancelling my voluntold activities for the rest of the week due to coverage issues at work (okay, that was a positive), it's now 4am and I've been up since 9am . . . time to go home!

Thursday --
About to get in the shower . . . can't wait to see the excitement today as everything continues to build . . .

Now hiring: Psychic