Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Guest Blog by Thom ~ Perception

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Wow, have I hit some neat milestones recently on 360. I crossed the 5000 hits mark this month, and now my 100th blog. I was browsing through some comments when I realized, Thom has left the 100th AND 200th comment on my blog. I just had to ask him to do a guest blog. It just seemed appropriate . . . and he did . . . so, please enjoy Thom's Perception . . .

When Joe asked me write a guest blog I was thrilled. I have hosted several guest blogs and I have enjoyed all of them – but I have never been asked. Then the reality hit that I actually had to write something… OK, no worries, I am seldom at a loss for something to say.

I remember how I fist came across Joe. It was a page comment on my friend John A’s page. I saw the picture of Joe holding the baby (I still love that picture) and thought, “Hmmm… a CD” (cute daddy). I went on to his page and I read a couple of blogs. OK, cute and intelligent… nice combination. I commented on a couple of blogs and Joe quickly wrote back with some very nice notes. Cute, intelligent, and sweet – the trifecta… invitations were exchanged and accepted, and we have become friends; and Joe is a friend I am very happy to have.

But it was that initial perception that started the process… and it was wrong. He’s not a daddy, he’s an uncle. Is that a big deal? Of course not, but it was the perception that started the process. Am I a whore for a cute daddy? Of course not – I just play one on 360… um, but I digress…

I remember when I first came across David on 360. (For those of you who don’t know me, David is my partner) There was a picture he had posted at the time (and now it’s MINE, I tell you, MINE, MINE, MINE!) and I thought:


Well, it wasn’t so much a thought as it was a stirring deep within. That started a dialog as well, but I discovered that there was an amazing person beyond (make that above and beyond) the photo. Initial perception wrong – reality far better.

That’s the positive side. It doesn’t always turn out so well. The virtual world is an amazing cornucopia of great people and nut jobs. I have experienced, as have we all, connecting with the less savory side of humanity and it is because I allowed my perception to filter what I wanted to see. I tend to be very trusting and have been a bit na├»ve at times (I’m feeling much better now), but that’s the risk one takes when reaching out.

So what’s the lesson here? Should you not trust what you see? Should you be cautious and closed? Should you be open to everyone and hope for the best?

How the heck should I know? I’m just a figment of your perception in a virtual world.

As far as the whole “Perception is Reality” thing is concerned… yeah, perception is reality, only if you have no imagination. Now stop staring at your computer and have a life!

~ Thom