Monday, September 17, 2007

A Lil' Card Game

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I shuffled the cards in my hand. I hate it when they’re not organized. He’s trying to read my mind, I know he is. I continue to organize my hand, trying to figure out what the next strategic move should be.

“Are you gonna go?” he politely asks.

“I will, give me a minute. I’m trying to make a decision and figure out what I want to do.”

“Your making this more complicated than it needs to be.” He calmly states while playing with his white beard. He adjusts his robes and takes a sip from his cup. “You always make things more complicated than they need to be.”

I confess, “I know. I guess it’s a trait of mine.” I set my cards down and look at him straight in the eyes. “Why is that? Why do I always have to complicate things? Make things more than what they really are?”

“Why don’t you tell me.” He says while peering over the top of his glasses.

“Great!” I think. Here I was thinking I was invited up for a lovely game of cards, and it’s turning into a chance to analyze my behavior. I hate it when he does this. I shift in my chair. Although it quite comfortable, I suddenly am no longer able to relax and enjoy it. “I don’t know.” I shift my feet, look off to the left, and hope that he doesn’t continue to probe this suddenly uncomfortable situation. I really hate it when he explores my psyche . . . I just wanted to play a game!

“Yes, I think you do.” He states as a Father wanting his young child to admit why he did something.

“Because, well . . . I guess it’s because we always tend to make things more complicated than what they are. We were supposed to just love one another and follow the 10 commandments, and now there’s volumes and volumes of rules and restrictions. They were put in place by councils of men trying to exercise a form of control over another group. We always have a tendency to judge and the need to be right -- so much so that we’ll even kill for it. I don’t know why we do it, but we do. What this has to do with my card game I’ll never figure out.”

“Simple,” he smiles gently, takes another sip, smoothes out his robes, and adjusts his glasses. “You are trying so hard to make the right call, judge what my motivation is, that you are getting lost. You’re so tied up in trying to make the right decision, that you are not enjoying what you are doing. This game was meant to be enjoyed, to leisurely pass time. It’s not to guess what's right, what’s in my hand, and what will happen. Just play the game with joy, play the game with zest, and play the game with love. When hosting a game such as this, treat your guests well. And as a guest, be generous to your host. The rest will take care of itself.”

I pick up my cards and fan them out again. Suddenly, I’m much more rested. I take a drink and then wryly state “You’re not just talking about cards. Are you?” After a long but comfortable pause, I ask “Do you have a Queen?” I giggle.

God smiles. There’s a flash in his eye. And he says “Go fish.”

Saturday, September 1, 2007

"Message for you sir!"

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5 pts to whomever guesses the movie I quoted first.

One of the joys of getting to bounce between working days (yuck!) and nights (yea!) is that your sleep pattern becomes a bit, shall we say, distorted. Well . . . today my brain wanted to wake up about 6am (booo!) and didn't want to go back to bed. To Ragan's delight, we took a short walk (side note -- it was low 60's this morning!! Beautiful!!!) and then came back in. I do what I always do when I can't sleep, I begin to fiddle around on the computer.

So, I get on my messenger, just in case anyone else for some unknown reason to man is up and coherent this early on a Saturday morning, and then check a few updates. Read Nillas recent posting (too cute btw ~ and loved Wayne's comment) and Lucky's telling a very intriguing (and I'll wager naughty) story in 2 parts. Thom & Dave are taking a little vacay ~ and Ike & Rob & Garry & Scott are all moving. As I'm perusing, I begin to stumble across pages that peek my interests from their friends, so I send invites. I bring mail back from the evil mailbox and it hits me. I don't get jack in this damn thing except bills & junk. BJ's are supposed to be stimulating and exciting ~ this one's not fittin' the bill.

Here are the 5 things I got in junk mail over the past week.

1. Addressed to "Mrs. Currin or Occupant" ~ Come join us at Curves . . . Um, there is no Mrs. Currin here (I don't do drag!) and if all I am is Occupant to you, then you get no business. Am I being stereotyped?? Besides, I don't want to go to an all women's gym. No motivation there . . .

2. You have been selected to receive a special, once in a lifetime opportunity, to get Playboy at a special, unprecdented price . . . No thanks Heff. I'm really not into your . . . um . . . political and entertainment magazine as the mailer indicated. I don't read Playboy for the articles, or pictures. Now send me a good deal on Unzipped . . . we might be talkin'

3. Thank you for voting me into your state legislature. I'm Annie Tietze blah blah blah . . . Did anyone else think of those tse tse flies in Africa when you read her name?? I did! I didn't vote for her, because I didn't know her. I didn't know any candidate running in my district, so I didn't vote for it. What a vain bitch to think everyone in her district voted for her. I looked it up and she won only 54% of the vote.

4. Addressed to "The Currin Family" ~ Come enroll now at Kimball Academy . . . If I was paying for a private education, AND knowing how much that costs, I'd be PISSED that my money was being wasted in a generic mailer to everyone. I know for a fact that I have ZERO rug rats runnin' around, so got the wrong household on that too. (Shudders at the thought)

5. 47 credit card/refinance/loan offers. I'm pretty sure I don't need any of them. It'd be one thing to get these offers from the company I currently use for such things, but I don't. I get them from all kinds of companies.

I actually didn't pick up my mail out of protest for a solid 2 weeks, and got a nasty gram post noted to my front door from the postmaster . . . . heh heh heh . . .

Now it appears the junkmail fairy has moved into cyberspace . . .

Ding (love that sound from Messenger) new mail icon and subj is Ginger want to be your myspace friend. OMG really!!! Ginger spice wants to be my friend!!! I love . . . WRONG! Yeah, I'll make my way over there and delete that in a minute. I'm reading Wolfy's blog right now.

Ding -- Sexy Suzy wants to be your myspace friend. Ummm, right. 2 things there Sweetie-kins . . . I don't know a "Sexy Suzy" and if you and got some hair on your chest . . . I ain't even remotely interested. Okay?? Guess that's 2 deletes in a bit. Checkin' out Moose's blog at the moment . . .

Ding -- Natalie wants to be your myspace friend. Ding -- Tina wants to be your myspace friend. Ding -- Lisa wants to be your myspace friend. Ding -- some other random ho wants to be your myspace friend.

I'm tired of it! Junk mail in cyberspace pisses me off almost as much as junk mail in real space! The only reason I don't get tired of it in cyberspace as much is because my mail account filters out ALOT of spam. (Thank you at&t Yahoo!) I usually empty my SPAM folder in my email account once a week, and I emptied out 1237 messages today from that folder. WOW!

Gonna go check my email now . . . got a ding from a real person sending a real message. I still get excited when I see that . . . Hugz!