Sunday, October 25, 2009

Don't Take it for Granted

Ever thought about what you take for granted? There's a lot of stuff that I used to take for granted . . . and now I am appreciative of each and everyone of them. In January -- my quality of life was not well -- and now it already seems off the charts -- and getting better all the time. So, here's a list of things that I used to take for granted, that I haven't been able to do in years, that I now can do again because of losing 120 lbs so far . . . (btw that is a pic of the sunrise over Chicago from a United airplane)
  1. Using the non-handicap bathroom stall. Seriously -- I don't have to worry about it anymore if I need to use a stall -- I can actually used the normal size one!! YAY!!

  2. Going out to eat and sitting at a booth. For awhile I couldn't go out to eat with friends without having to specifically ask for a table instead of a booth. It was so embarassing when I would get walked to a booth and then have to ask for a table instead. Now -- no worries.

  3. I don't have to save money for underwear. Big people clothes are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive - and not very good quality either. Today, I went to a regular store and bought to packs of underwear for $19 (they were 4 packs). That would have been like $60 at the big boy store.

  4. Flying -- I can fit in the plane seat. Still don't like it, but I can fly . . .

  5. Walking all over the place and not losing my breath or having to rest . . . I went to a KU game a few yrs back and had to stop at various points and rest, because I couldn't walk all the way there in one trip.

  6. Riding with friends -- I had to buy a bigger car (traded up from a Kia Sorento to a Chrysler Pacifica) b/c I didn't fit in my car. I would have to volunteer to drive everywhere b/c I knew I fit in my car, but really didn't know if I fit in everyone else's car. Now -- I can fit in a Honda CRV, a Volvo sedan, a Nissan Altima, a Mitsubishi Galant, and a Jeep Grand Cherokee for starters . . . yeah -- I'm still keeping count. Oh, and I no longer drive the station wagon on steroids either . . . I have a Pontiac Torrent (and love it).

  7. Good health -- wow do I feel better! I no longer have high blood pressure, high cholestorol, high blood sugar, or high whatever will kill ya . . . my levels are back to normal . . . and that's the BEST part of this journey.

  8. I don't mind having a full body picture made -- I used to hide behind things so only my face would get photographed. I didn't like the reminders of how big I was . . . now it's all I can do to not jump into a stranger's picture . . . b/c they need to see how hot I am! :)

  9. Britches without elastic waist bands . . . I DON'T HAVE TO WEAR BRITCHES WITH ELASTIC WAIST BANDS ANYMORE!!!

  10. Positive self image -- I feel so good about all I've done and all I have to offer. I can't even begin to describe how that feels.

So what is the reason or this? Don't take things for granted, b/c you never know when you might lose it. And it's hard as hell to get it back . . . savor everything -- every benign moment, every beige event, every boring gathering -- b/c you never know if it'll be gone.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Crush

So, "The Summer Wind" has passed since my last entry . . . it's been a bit hectic here in Dorothy Land with "Everything" that's been happening. Between school (going well btw), Gracie's wedding (she looked "Wonderful Tonight"), work (still on solo coverage), and volunteering (United Way and Church) . . . just haven't had a lot of time to blog. But then again . . . "That's Life"

The point of this entry, however, isn't to talk about the past, but rather discuss that "The Best is Yet to Come." You see, there's this guy . . . who I've talked with briefly at church . . . and I must admit that he gives me "Fever" . . .

The problem with all this is that I feel a bit "Lost" when it comes to dating and asking someone out. Let's be real for a minute . . . my last 2 dates were more "Heartache Tonight" than "Feeling Good" . . . I know, I know -- your sitting there saying "Cry Me a River" -- and I'm not gonna. I'm just very intimidated to ask someone out -- the whole fear of rejection thing. I could go into detail why all this is, but let's just chalk it up to "Home" and move on, no need to rehash that old story again.

So . . . this guy . . . I "Haven't Met You Yet" . . . need to work up the gumption to meet him . . . funny that I can talk to anyone at anytime, as long as there's not this type of feeling associated with it. BUT if I'm interested in the man, then I go all stupid. "Whatever It Takes" to get past this, I will . . . I would really love to go out with him and have him "Save the Last Dance for Me" . . .

"Call me Irresponsible" for putting this emotion out there, but then again . . . blame it on a "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" . . .

(Not bad . . . I worked in 16 song titles by Michael Buble while writing this . . .)