Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Don't Miss the Little Things

So, I recently returned from a trip to Texas. My grandmother passed away last Thursday, and I couldn’t stay down there for the funeral due to school, but I was able to visit the family and just be there. It was great to see everyone and to just be around them. On my way back, my stepmom (or as she is known – Mom2) called to let me know she really enjoyed my visit and how much she loves me. It totally made my day.

It also was another example of how important it is to appreciate the little things in life. The little chances to tell people how much they mean to you. How much fun it is to take random adventures when you don’t really know where you’re going? How fun it is to send someone a text message that you know will elicit a WTF response – and probably a giggle or two?

Here’s just a small list of some little things that I was reminded of this past weekend . . .

Snowfall in Texas – It’s such a rare event and we have never gotten as much as they did over the past week (it was like foot). There was literally a snowman in every single yard in my parents’ neighborhood.
My nephew’s hugs (and my nieces’ for that matter)
Laughter in spite of everything else
Telling someone goodnight
Hanging with your old HS friends – like not much has changed
Being told that you need to move back right away
Telling your secrets to someone that will keep them
Getting a message from your BFF that she misses you terribly
Getting a picture texted to you of your cat lying in your dog’s kennel
Someone sending you the word “Yay!”
Reconnecting with a lost friend, and meeting his fiancée
Your Dad telling you he hates Facebook, but loves you

Just small things. What I’m finding out is that life is really worth the little things. The big ones are nice – don’t get me wrong – but if you pay attention to everything around you – there’s much joy to be had. Much indeed . . .