Monday, October 25, 2010

Goodbye, Old Friends . . .

Oh, my dear, dear friends.  I'm not talking to you blog readers, but rather a pair of shoes.  Sound odd??  You should see the other 60 friends I have in my two closets . . . Now it doesn't seem so odd that I say goodbye to these old friends -- does it??  (or maybe it does, hehe)

The time has come, as in every relationship, to be honest.  Is it going to last?  Is it going to make it through the sands of time?  Or is it time to acknowledge the truth and part ways.  I think, at this point in our lives, it is indeed time to part ways.

Yes, I hear you friends.  You have carried me when I was at my heaviest.  When I couldn't make it more than 5 minutes on the treadmill.  I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without heavy breathing.  You were there with me . . .

But now where there once was joy, and triumph -- it's just pain now.  You don't support me the way you used to.  You don't carry me when I'm tired and down trodden as you did in the past.  Is there someone else?  Are you just tired of always being there?  I don't know why you've decided, after all the sweat, tears, and miles, to not do what you've always done.

I need -- no wait -- deserve to find someone that puts that extra spring in my step.  You no longer want to do that, or are able to . . . and I can't continue to let you hurt me the way you do now. 

So -- to you my dear friends -- my first pair of workout shoes since my lap bad surgery in Feb 09 -- I bid adieu.  I'll cherish the times together and what we were able to accomplish as a team. 


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where's My America?

OH, it’s the call of the political machine . . . you can hear it from far away beating the drums like it does every 4 years – and for some reason quite loudly in this election cycle . . . or maybe because it’s that I’m paying more attention to it.

Anyway – have you heard the new phrases?? “Take America Back!” “Fight for our America!” “Change That Matters” “Country First” . . . Sound good don’t they?

Here’s one that I’d like to offer . . . “Where’s My America?” Not a lot of mumbo jumbo, but some questions that I’m still waiting for a politician to actually answer before I vote for him or her.

Where’s the America that is compassionate and loving? Yes, some tragic news about some gay teens that were bullied so much they chose suicide as an only route has finally brought this issue to light. But where are the solutions that are supposed to be offered from our leaders? There’s so much blame falling to the teachers – but that behavior wasn’t taught in the schools. It was taught at home. It was taught by people that believe others not like them are weak, inferior, and useless. It’s not taught directly, but indirectly. It’s a process called modeling. So where’s the responsibility for the parents and the bullies in all this? Yeah – I believe a lot of it lies there. My America would care about individuals, and would value the differences we all have. It wouldn’t care about color, faith, or sexual orientation.

Where’s the America that believes in freedom? I’m so tired of everyone trying to convince me of their personal point of view. Does anyone know that opinions can’t be right or wrong?? They are merely just what someone believes – or perceives – or thinks. I’m glad that you think it’s a travesty that an Islamic Center wants to build near WTC site – I don’t. If they have the money to buy the property then let them have at it. I’m ecstatic that you believe someone under 18 seeking an abortion should be allowed to do it without parental consent – I don’t. I think if someone is under 18, by law therefore a child, then that child does not have an expectation of privacy from their own parents – and the parents should be informed. Notice in my opinions I didn’t say I was right, or that someone was wrong. I just stated my opinion and moved on – that’s how it should be. My America would welcome diverse thought, a sharing of ideas, and a cordial (notice I didn’t say passionate debate was bad, just respectful) debate on topics effecting the nation. No demagogue-ing allowed . . .

Where’s the America that believes in equality? Remember Majority Rules, with Minority Rights?? It’s something that stuck with me from my political science lectures (well the ones I didn’t fall asleep in). It simply means that the majority will rule, but the minority’s rights are protected. You can’t just walk over those that don’t agree with you. (Hey Republicans and Democrats – did you see that???) They must have slept on that day instead. My America would be able to separate out a religious argument from an equality one. Instead of defining a religious definition into law (illegal btw), I’d step away from the argument on marriage. My America would make sure that all people, regardless on anything, were treated fairly by its government. If religious affiliations want to discriminate, that is their prerogative, but not the governments . . .

So I ask simply – not to take America back, or change it just because, but rather . . . simply . . . help her find her compassion and soul. That’s the America I want.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Got $2300 I can borrow?

So I've decided on a new career.  I'm going to found a graduate school -- and build up a lot of publicity that it's VERY prestigious and VERY upper crust -- and I'm going to charge people $50 to $75 just to apply -- and I'll tell 'em all no.  But if I get 100 applications a year, it's vacation money!!  Woohoo!!

Okay - so I'm a bit perturbed at the cost of higher education.  I'm not talking about the cost of a credit hour, textbooks (although that's a whole other racket all together), or even fees . . . I'm talking about the cost of getting INTO grad school.  It's freaking ridiculous!!!

Here's the cost to apply to one school --
$60 to submit application
$25 to have ETS send official GRE scores to said school
$25 to have Texas A&M send official transcript
$15 to have Washburn University send official transcript
$200 for travel expenses/hotel room (that CHEAP hotel and driving) for interview day

Yeah . . . and the odds are the school is still going to tell me "NO"
How is this even legal???  What would the government do if employers charged people to submit applications of employment??

Explain to me how Texas A&M needs me to pay them to send my grades -- was the $25K I spent on my Engineering degree not enough?  And hey Washburn -- is the $12K I'm spending on my Psychology degree not enough?  If you need paper and a stamp I'll supply it (yeah -- and it's all electronic now anyway).

The standard advice is to apply to 5 to 7 programs you are interested in so you 'hopefully' get into one . . . um . . . that's like $1,625 to $2,275 just to APPLY!  What the french toast??

Oh well . . . I guess I might as well get a tattoo on my ass that says "Property of Uncle Sam" cuz I'm gonna owe them for the rest of my life . . . but at least I'll be happy!!!  :)