Sunday, February 17, 2008

Not for the Faint of Heart

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I didn't want to go . . . I really, really didn't! But, I was quested . . . I had to make the trip. So, into my chariot I went and headed towards the goliath structure that houses the most evil of empires. What was in that behomoth of concrete was the only thing that could save my ailing son.

I stepped onto the cold, dead, hard earth, and the wind began to howl. The temperature in the air was frigid, as Jack Frost himself was trying to chill me to the bone. I braved the gale force winds . . . and I could feel them watching. Watching every move. Their spies were probably aware of my coming before I made it to the gates.

Using the cloak of night, I evaded their guards and slipped into the gates, the dredge moving inside was more worse than imaginable. I heathen woman glared at me as I made my way past her space, her dark, laborious breathe sullied the very air around me. I braved on, to find the solvent needed to relieve the strain on my dear son.

Naturally, the goal of this journey was heavily guarded by several burly, ogre-like creatures. Their dead eyes and dull minds led to the conclusion that by stealth, not force, would get me to my goal. Finally, to actually hold the cure -- to feel it's power -- was overwhelming. Yes! I have it! I have it! I have dog food to take home to Ragan!!! Damn I hate going into Wally World late at night . . . ;)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fall of Heroes

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Today, I wasn't feeling well, so I took off from work a few hours early. As I drove home, which is my custom to keep me from getting too tired, I listened to sports radio. I enjoy listening to the 3rd Shift on Fox Sports Radio because they are both entertaining and somewhat informative.

Since I had left early, I wasn't listening to them, but rather another program on that station. The callers were calling in and upset about the Clements hearing tomorrow in D.C. Now, don't get me started on that whole issue, let's stick with this. People were calling in saying how McNamee (sp might be wrong) was just an awful person because he wasn't loyal to Roger Clements. How dare he turn on Roger and tell that he took HGH, steroids, or whatever he shot in his ass.

The point isn't whether he did or didn't, because honestly I don't care. I don't care what any of them did. I just don't anymore . . . it's so disgraceful.

  • Disgraceful that owners and GM's allowed players to inject themselves and turn a blind eye
  • Disgraceful that the player's union worried about individual achievement instead of the players as a whole
  • Disgraceful that for untold years, reporters, broadcasters, and fans turned blind eyes to what was going on in front of them
  • All of it is disgraceful . . . all of it

However, the thing that disappoints me more is how people are outraged about the lack of loyalty the trainer had INSTEAD of the apparent lack of integrity among all these players! They put their goals, their desires, everything they wanted above the goals of their team. Playing sports since I was in second grade until I graduated HS, I can tell you I was NEVER taught that!

Then, there was conversaton on the radio about him being under oath. When did you have to be under oath to tell the truth?? Everyone was saying he shouldn't tell the truth unless they put him under oath!!! Are you kidding me??? What happened to honor? What happened to owning up to your mistakes. INTEGRITY is something that all people, of all walks of life, need a new lesson in.

The crux of the situation is that these so called sports heroes have put themselves above all others. They wanted to break the records, be the best. And in their drive to be stars, they were blinded by the fame. This isn't isolated to baseball. There are 'me' people all throughout professional sports. Free agency has a lot to do with this, as do commercial deals. It's sad really, that kids will no longer have the heroes I had growing up. Basically, it's come to this --

Congress: "What did he inject in your butt?"

Clements: "B12! I swear! And kids -- remember to play fair!"

What message are we sending our younger generations?? I'm soooooo glad I will never have kids!